BB French Bulldog

“I like dogs very much indeed…
They never talk about themselves, but listen
to you while you talk about yourself, and
keep up an appearance of being interested
in conversation. They never say unkind things.
They never tell us of our faults ‘merely for our
own good’.”
-Jerome K. Jerome-      “Three Men In A Boat”
Let me introduce our “white amber” – BB!
I tell you, this dog turns heads! While bearing unique European, Canadian and American bloodlines, she possesses a combination of entrancing gracefulness and strength. This dog has gorgeous head and unforgettable expression, balanced body, correct movement and extraordinary personality. BB is our darling blonde girl who’s head smells like honey. Cuddling and falling asleep in one’s arms is something that BB enjoys very much. She is as white as snow, and at the same time her heart is warm and loving! There is only one dog with outstanding uniqueness and a wonderful personality, and it is BB. She is very open, friendly, sociable, and communicative.
It seems that there is a somewhat hidden attraction, making people love BB, and this, of course, be requited. Although she is great friends with other dogs and behaves politely, she will not let herself be offended. Also, encumbrances and other obstacles do not exist for this dog; she will always strive for what she aims to do.
Beautiful, affectionate and charming – is a perfect description for this wonderful Frenchie!
Gender Female
D.O.B. August 10, 2006
Pedigree CKC #1095134;  DKK/FCI #16226/2006
Weight 28 lbs
Health Exam CERF #FBU-882/200818; OFA# FBU-404F31F-VPI
Colour White
BB French Bulldog as a puppyBB French Bulldog BB French Bulldog 4 months of ageBB French Bulldog 5 mothsBB French Bulldog BB French Bulldog 8 monthsBB French Bulldog 9 monthsBB French Bulldog 15 monthsBB French Bulldog 2 yearsBB 2.5 years BB French Bulldog 3 yearsBB French Bulldog 3 yearsBB French Bulldog BB and TanzieBB
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